Bibi Gaston is also an Author. Her first book, "The Loveliest Woman in America: A Tragic Actress, Her Lost Diaries and Her Granddaughter's Search for Home" was published by William Morrow/ Harper Collins in hardback in 2008 and by Harper Perennial in a paperback edition in 2009. "The Loveliest Woman in America" was selected as a finalist for the prestigious Literary Arts Society's 2010 Oregon Book Award and was featured as a Book of the Month in March 2009 by the Center for the Book at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

Her second and third books, “Gifford Pinchot and the Old Timers" Volume 1 and 2, published in 2018 and 2020 respectively, present a series of extraordinary first-hand accounts of early conservation efforts as told by the first men and women of the U.S. Forest Service to their Old Chief, Gifford Pinchot who served as First Forester under President Theodore Roosevelt. Created over 100 years ago, the U.S. Forest Service was formed in response to severe over-cutting and abuse of the land leading to the depletion of natural resources. Pinchot led the effort to train a diverse corps of young people in environmental work that changed the fate of the nation.

Bibi Gaston received her undergraduate degree in political science in 1981 from Tulane University’s Newcomb College, the oldest women-only college in the United States. She received her master’s degree from the School of Architecture, Department of Landscape Architecture, at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville in 1986.