“Gifford Pinchot and the Old Timers Volume II” includes ten new narratives from the Old Timers Collection in the Gifford Pinchot Collection at the Library of Congress. In Volume II, we hear from Gifford Pinchot’s “first” professionally-trained forest rangers and allied professionals who describe the birthing of the nation’s first environmental agency, the US Forest […]
The Old Timers Collection is a record of extreme hardship and fearless struggle. It documents the confrontations between cattlemen, miners, loggers, and the challenges of turning confrontations into cooperation and gratitude. The life of the early forest rangers wasn’t easy, but to the men and women who served, it was the best life they could […]

Bibi Gaston’s first book, “The Loveliest Woman in America,” published by Morrow/ Harper Collins in 2008, focused on the life of her grandmother, Rosamond Pinchot, niece of Pennsylvania Progressive Governor Gifford Pinchot. Rosamond was a cousin to Edie Sedgwick; half sister of Mary Pinchot Meyer, JFK’s lover; friend to Eleanor Roosevelt and Elizabeth Arden. Seventy […]