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In 2005, six tattered blue boxes were unearthed in the Library of Congress’s Pinchot Collection in Washington D.C. Inside were 5,000 pages of letters describing the work of early resource conservation professionals. The letters were labeled simply “The Old Timers.” The letters, penned between the years 1937–1941 by the first class of American Forest Rangers to serve under President Theodore Roosevelt and first Chief of the U.S.Forest Service Gifford Pinchot, offered a mirror to the America we once were, and an optimistic guidebook for the road ahead.

These narratives tell of extreme hardship, fearless struggle, confrontations with cattlemen, miners, loggers, and the challenges of turning confrontations into cooperation and gratitude. It wasn’t an easy life by any means, but to these men and women, a life of service was the best life they could imagine. To a one, they were grateful for the chance to live a meaningful life in a time of struggle.  (More...)

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About Bibi Gaston

Bibi Gaston is a nationally recognized and fully licensed professional Landscape Architect. She has provided landscape architecture, site planning and design services for public and private clients throughout the United States since 1986

Significant recognition and honor awards include:

  • The United States Department of Transportation Honor Award for the Restoration of the Historic Columbia River Highway
  • Semi Finalist in the New York Times Millennium Time Capsule Competition with The Cooper Union School for the Advancement of the Arts and the Sciences
  • Award for Historic Restoration of the Lost Lake Campground by Landscape Architecture Magazine
  • Design Team Member, The Oregon Garden, a 300 acre botanical garden funded by the Oregon Association of Nurserymen in Silverton, Oregon.

Public presentations

Bibi Gaston is an author. Her first book, "The Loveliest Woman in America: A Tragic Actress, Her Lost Diaries and Her Granddaughter's Search for Home" was published by William Morrow / Harper Collins in hardback in 2008 and by Harper Perennial in a paperback edition in 2009...


Buddy Huffaker

Executive Director, Aldo Leopold Foundation

Bibi Gaston’s ”Gifford Pinchot and the Old Timers” is a critical documentation of the professionalization of natural resource management during a particularly fascinating time period in our country’s history.  Those able to interact with Bibi will immediately be captured by her intense connection to these stories and her commitment to share them with readers and audiences.

Joseph Garrera

Executive Director, Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum. Allentown, Pennsylvania

Bibi Gaston has produced a seminal book about her great-granduncle Gifford Pinchot, our nation’s first Chief Forester, and the pioneering women and men who worked with him. Pinchot’s legacy offers inspiration to us today.

Julie King

Forest Supervisor, Bitterroot National Forest

I had the pleasure of meeting Bibi Gaston in May of 2016 when she came to do a book signing and presentation at the Ravalli County Museum in Hamilton, Montana on her latest book “Gifford Pinchot and the First Foresters.” The presentation was well attended by history buffs, and retired and current Forest Service Employees. Bibi’s talk was descriptive and inspirational and gave participants a look into the past of the conservation movement. Bibi created a connection for all of us by being a great grand niece of Gifford Pinchot, but also through her dedicated research into the first foresters journals and her passion for the mission of the Forest Service.  I still hear from friends and employees reading her book and there have been many praises for her visit to Hamilton Montana.  I highly recommend Bibi as a speaker and presenter for historical, conservation or educational events.

Christina Riley

Yale University

It is clear from her talk and her book that Bibi Gaston is a treasure trove of knowledge. Her talk was not only informative but intriguingly insightful. We are so grateful we had the opportunity to hear her speak, and look forward to engaging with Bibi again in the future.

Lori Strelecki

The Columns Museum in Milford, Pa.

The Columns Museum in Milford, Pa. hosted a reading and book signing featuring Bibi Gaston, and the guests enjoyed it very much. Miss Gaston lends an air of pride and wonder to her readings; she is obviously just as delighted by the content as the listener. A nice, feel good presentation by a very nice lady.

Landscape Architecture

Bibi Gaston has provided landscape architecture, site planning and design services for public and private clients throughout the United States since 1986.

Beverly Hills, CA.

As part of a 4-acre estate located in Bel Air, part of Beverly Hills, California, The Office of Bibi Gaston provided full professional landscape architectural services including extensive planting design, selection of all materials and site furnishings for hardscape and softscape including tennis courts, formal gardens, bosques, groves, orchards, and the site’s formal garden spaces. Details

Mosier, Oregon

Located along a spectacular stretch of Oregon’s Historic Columbia River Highway, the Mosier Twin Tunnels Overlook was designed by the Office of Bibi Gaston in order to blend into the natural environs while providing a secure location from which to view the surrounding landscape atop the sheer cliffs of the Columbia River Gorge. A gently curving path and a custom-designed “cascadian-style” cedar fence were designed to provide pedestrian definition while a native basalt viewing platform in the shape of an oval was sited in order to harmonize, preserve and protect the surrounding landscape. Details

Falls Village, Connecticut

Located in Falls Village, Connecticut, the site design included a new swimming pool, lawn areas, new planting, walls, walks and various amenities. Details

Multnomah Falls Overlook Viewing Platform

The Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

As a project for the USDA Forest Service/ Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, the scope included the design for a new deck atop Oregon’s most-visited and most-beloved tourist attraction, Multnomah Falls. Because of its challenging location at the top of the Falls, the deck was pre-fabricated off site, delivered by helicopter, set in place, and pinned to basalt columns of the surrounding landscape. Details

The 79th Street Playground

Central Park, New York

As part of the Restoration of the Southwest Metropolitan Museum of Art Landscape, this project provided for the planting and landscape design surrounding a new playground designed by landscape designer Bruce Kelly. Located at the entrance to Central Park at Miner’s Gate at 79th and 5th Avenue, the planting palette included a variety of spring-flowering trees and shrubs selected to create a sense of openness and safety while providing a dense buffer from traffic on 5th Avenue. Details


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